A Christmas Cracker!

BRICKLIVE celebrated the festive season in style with a huge helping of brick-filled fun throughout Christmas

On January 7th BRICKLIVE Christmas finally closed its doors after 44 amazing days of interactive LEGO® themed fun. This event was like no other, not only in duration but in its intimate setting within the prestigious Saatchi Gallery. A fresh new concept of BRICKLIVE event that allowed fans a new way to enjoy the BRICKLIVE experience and create the perfect building memories.

The long-running event was billed as the ultimate interactive adventure and it would seem after six weeks thousands of fans would certainly agree, with many returning multiple times. The show was split across four zones, Star Wars, Minecraft, Creative zone, and a Christmas zone. Each one offered fans a different experience in building and creating. The themed rooms shook under the strain of excited visitors as they passed back and forth, experiencing everything from artwork and Fan models in the Star Wars room to Minecraft building (virtual and brick-based) and adrenalin packed racing creations in the Creative room.

BRICKLIVE fans found the two-hour sessions packed with brick-filled interaction and entertainment as they left the rooms strewn with their own creations. The dioramas were covered, giant green models surrounded the brick pit and the 24 metre long graffiti wall was regularly filled.

It really was the most wonderful time of the year as BRICKLIVE made a Christmas to remember.   

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A Krunk-ing good Christmas

The world famous Krunk bear took time out his busy schedule while in London to make BRICKLIVE Christmas the next stop on his world tour.

The giant blue Krunk bear is somewhat of a global celebrity and is the mascot of the Korean based YG entertainment group. This modern day pop culture hero can often be found starring in K-pop music videos, appearing on TV, and even relaxing in his very own Krunk Café.

So why did he decide to hang out at BRICKLIVE Christmas? Well, YG entertainment are not only the proud partners and sponsors of BRICKLIVE Christmas but also because the BRICKLIVE team had created their own life-sized brick-built statue of the Krunk bear and he just had to see it for himself.

As soon as the ‘larger than life’ character entered the venue you could feel the excitement amongst the brick-building visitors. Children let him join in their building fun as he did a full ‘meet and greet’ around the show, posing for pictures and getting involved in all the interactive fun.

Described as YG’s swag-tastic mascot, it is easy to understand why everyone loves the Krunk bear as he certainly knows how to fill a room with fun. There where smiles all around as Krunk posed for his final photo outside the Saatchi gallery before heading off for the rest of his world tour.


'KRUNK' is the trademark character of YG Entertainment, and it was first introduced to the public through the music video of Lee Hi's 'IT'S OVER' a couple of years ago. Afterwards, it became the symbolic character of YG Entertainment, and YG Entertainment started opening pop-up stores for KRUNK merchandises in December 2013. The company also released many different collaboration goods with many different fashion brands and YG Entertainment artists.

'KRUNK' is now pioneering its own field of culture and fashion in Korea, and 'BigBang KRUNK Café' in Shanghai provides another unique experience to many K-Pop fans.

Festive fun with the brick

Christmas came early for fans of the brick when a BRICKLIVE Christmas opened its doors at the Saatchi gallery.

After weeks of growing anticipation the doors finally opened to the latest BRICKLIVE event at the Saatchi Gallery in London. This time the trademark, interactive adventure of BRICKLIVE was to take on a festive twist as they launched their Christmas show that ran throughout the festive period into early January, allowing more fans the opportunity to squeeze in a visit for some brick fun.

The show was located on the top floor of the Saatchi, spanning across the four galleries. This took on a slightly different twist to previous events, not only due to its longevity but through its more intimate style and layout.

As fans entered the first session on Saturday morning, they were greeted with seasonal decorations, a full size brick-built Santa and a warm welcome from the Star Wars cosplay group ‘Reaper Squadron’. The atmosphere was set as fans turned left into the impressive galactic room, packed full of Star Wars goodness. The walls were lined with the artwork of Vesa Liethmink and some giant LEGO mosaics depicting some classic imagery from the Star Wars universe. Sat in the middle of the room was a giant death star sat upon a giant diorama, where families could build their own spaceships to display, as they were inspired by the surrounding custom creations from some of the best adult fan builders from Europe.

Travelling past the Stormtroopers fans then found themselves in a room full of Minecraft building, consoles and giant figurines. The far wall was printed with a city skyline framing the architecture build area.

The third room was a hive of activity as children clawed through the green brick pit, built cars for the race ramps and built along the incredible 24 metre long graffiti wall.

The last room was home to more building. From making presents round the 10ft tree, creating a snowman with Bright Bricks to a bespoke mosaic, with the Fairy Bricks Charity team. Also it was here visitors had a chance to purchase bespoke brick-built winter roses, custom tree baubles and some of the latest official set releases.

The event set a festive tone right from the off and provided a great experience for all fans. The themed rooms were packed with lots to do and all left with a smile on their faces, having immersed themselves in the trademark BRICKLIVE experience all be it with a festive twist.

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