BRICKLIVE hits Naples

Mark Guest witnesses Italian passion in full force as the BRICKLIVE Euro tour moves on to Naples, Italy

If you ever need proof that the popularity of LEGO® is a global phenomena, then look no further than the response BRICKLIVE is receiving in Naples. This is the first time the interactive LEGO® themed event had been hosted in Italy and based on the response it will not be the last.

The show is located at the Mostra d’Oltremare centre, Naples and officially opened on Friday December 1st. However on the night before BRICKLIVE hosted a special free evening for the community to experience a taste of what was in store. 1200 local children promptly turned up and for most this was to be an experience like no other.

As the winter sun started to set the doors crashed open to a frenzy of excited kids, rushing through the foyer to be first greeted by the fanzone which is hosting adult expert builders from as far afield as Belgium along with a plethora of official sets. Fans were almost running through in excited packs to get to the main hall ready to witness the magic that the BRICKLIVE team had prepared.

Standing at the top of the main hall steps, you could almost see the fan’s jaws drop in awe at the sea of LEGO® that lay before them. They poured down into the hall towards the giant Bright Bricks Elephant and Lion before heading into the many themed zones.

It was only a matter of seconds before each zone was bustling with activity and creativity as cars zoomed down the race ramps and spaceships quickly populated the Star Wars diorama. Giant towers spawned from the duplo pit as children worked together to create their own incredible creations. The evening was a true spectacle as everything from architecture and city to Minecraft and technic captured the imaginations of all attending.

The preview evening’s incredible success was quickly replicated on Friday’s official opening as more locals arrived to share their passion. This bustling city has certainly warmed to the BRICKLIVE experience as smiles could be seen from floor to ceiling.

Upon leaving one family was overheard saying ‘Abbiamo passato un momento meraviglioso e siamo impazienti di venire nuovamente, non abbiamo mai avuto una tale esperienza prima d’ora’ which I am reliably informed translates as ‘We had a wonderful time and cannot wait to come again, we have never experienced anything like it.’

The BRICKLIVE Euro tour continues to grow from strength to strength.

"Abbiamo passato un momento meraviglioso e siamo impazienti di venire nuovamente"

A BRICKLIVE Naples visitor

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