Liu Bolin amazed art fans in London as the "invisible man" disappeared into a wall of LEGO live at the Saatchi gallery.

The renowned Chinese artist ‘Lui Bolin’ gave a unique live performance during the START exhibition at the Saatchi gallery. This boundary pushing performance, organised by START and sponsored by BRICKLIVE was a UK first, as art lovers gathered to witness an exclusive, up close and personal look behind the scenes at the budding artists creative process.
The scene he’d created to be lost within was a specially commissioned installation based on his own sunflower design.

Mr Bolin said “My inspiration came from my memory about sunflowers. In the east, sunflower is a symbol, it represents every single one of us, growing towards the sun like crazy. While my posture is sitting and very contained and meditative. I hope this piece can discuss the relationship between our culture and the reality and at the same time to raise awareness for people of my race.”*

However this brightly coloured background was highly unusual due the fact that it was constructed out of 1000s of LEGO bricks. This mammoth piece of artwork was only possible thanks to a collaboration with the team from BRICKLIVE and was the perfect media to highlight the artist’s exploration of the effects of consumer culture on the individual. It could be said, a conventional medium used in an unconventional way.

Across the four days of the START project, Liu Bolin worked tirelessly with his team. Each day he would sit and examine the shapes, colours and hues of the blossoming flowers, directing his team as they carefully painted what he saw on his person. As the show progressed the performances were met with great wonder as this talented artist slowly vanished amongst the plastic wonder of the LEGO wall.

This incredible live spectacle drew the eyes of the world’s media, gaining coverage in the UK in The Evening Standard, The Times, The Telegraph and on Sky News..

It truly was a sight to behold as the camera shot its final frame towards an almost invisible Liu Bolin sitting motionless as he vanished into the sea of colour. However the real spectacle was not merely the final shot, but the internal glimpse into the world of a true creative mind.

To view this mans art is a real pleasure yet to to experience it’s creation first hand is nothing short of beautiful.

*Quote from the London Evening Standard


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