With 22 different activity zones and the spectacular Animal Paradise exhibit it was no surprise the fans were smiling from ear to ear.

In addition to the usual themes (Star Wars, Minecraft, Friends, City builder and more) Dallas unveiled new features including a Master Builder workshop, a ninja tournament temple, challenge zone and a larger than life live stage experience.

Fans got to join professional builders Duncan Titmarsh and Ed Diment in timed workshops, took live challenges on stage, tested their build skills against the clock and enjoyed games of skill as they fired spinning ninjas across play tables. This all surrounded the jaw-dropping Animal Paradise, boasting nearly 40 giant animal statues from across the globe. A custom designed mosaic kept aspiring builders busy, the brick pits over-spilled with creativity and the dioramas were quickly packed out with fan creations.

This was the first outing into North America for BRICKLIVE and based on the thousands of excited fans pouring down the grandstands into the ‘play zone’ we doubt it will be the last.


BRICKLIVE Christmas arrived at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco over the festive season following the success of the Christmas themed London show in 2017, hosted at the stunning Saatchi Gallery.

The jam-packed floor plan included a specially designed Winter Wonderland zone including a brick Santa, Rudolph and 4m tall Christmas Tree. As visitors made their way around the main hall they found all the BRICKLIVE fan favourites including build zones featuring LEGO bricks from the CITY, ARCHITECTURE, FRIENDS, STAR WARS, MINECRAFT and DUPLO ranges.

Further activities included our brick pits, a race ramps area with selfie podium, digital play zone, dance zone, the ever popular graffiti wall and a bespoke Monaco build map for locals to create their homes. The main centrepiece of the show was the incredibly exciting BRICKLIVE touring show, Animal Paradise.

To celebrate the launch of BRICKLIVE Animal Paradise during 2018 - first seen in Beijing during September - Monaco was chosen as the venue to host the European launch. This pays homage to the endorsement received from the Prince Albert II Foundation. 15 animals featured including a 4m high Giraffe, a Mako Shark and a Siberian Tiger.

The show was well received in the build up and local sponsors joined in with the fun. Special thanks go to our 6 sponsors: J.B. Pastor & Fils Monaco, Mercure International, Jutheau Husson Groupe Ascoma, CMB, Cantinetta Antinori and Ferrero. The show ran from Saturday 22nd December till Sunday 6th January. 


Brickosaurs, a brand new LEGO brick touring show from Bright Bricks, will make its worldwide debut at Marwell Zoo in 2019.

The show, comprised of 50 incredible dinosaur models, will run from 5th April to 1st September 2019, inviting crowds to take a trip back in time to see these giant reptiles that once walked the Earth. Featured are velociraptors, dimetrodons, a pteranodon and more, and combined are estimated to be made from an astonishing 2 million bricks.

The crown jewel of the new show will be a gigantic, life-sized adolescent T-Rex, the largest ever created for a touring brick show. The T-Rex, along with a host of other giant dinosaurs, are still in production, and will be revealed at Marwell Zoo for the first time.

More details about the show can be found on the Marwell Wildlife website.


The UK’s largest LEGO® fan convention, BRICKLIVE Birmingham returned to the NEC for another exciting edition this November! The Company’s flagship event, BRICKLIVE Birmingham offered a rich variety of interactive experiences built around the creative ethos of the world’s most popular construction toy- LEGO bricks.

Thousands of BRICKLIVE Birmingham guests were treated with brand new content, never seen at BRICKLIVE before! Mythical Beasts was a powerful presence that drove brick fans wild. With over 50 models and interactive experiences, this new tour brought the fascinating world of creatures from mythology to life using LEGO bricks.

Inspired by legends from ancient Greece, the show revolves around the mythical Pandora’s Box which, when opened, will unleash a horde of trapped beasts upon the world. As the “heroes” of the experience, visitors must find all of the escaped creatures, to send them back into the box and seal them away.

Some Mythical Beasts – such as Valkaria the majestic Hippogriff, or the Owl of Athena – are allies, while others – from Asterion the vengeful Minotaur, and Vladdigor the fearsome four-headed Chimera, to a towering, seven-headed Hydra – are not as friendly. 


Located at the Four Seasons Hall of Fulong Snow Park, The BRICKLIVE Centre has all the activity of a BRICKLIVE show but is a permanent installation, including teaching areas, build centres, a cafe, live stage, retail shop and STEM interactivity for young fans of this amazing building toy.

Fulong is the closest ski region to Beijing. One million people visit the Fulong region across the summer and that number doubles during the ski season which starts early in October. The BRICKLIVE Centre is strategically placed to act as a crèche for skiing parents and offers a huge level of creativity and safe building fun for all.

The BRICKLIVE Centre follows a snow and Winter Olympics theme spanning across 2500sqm within the Snow Park venue and includes a life-sized LEGO statue of a polar bear, containing over 168,400 bricks. There is also a brick-built Curling arena, a snow-themed brickpit, a Build Zone featuring LEGO Minecraft bricks, a performance stage, various amazing igloos and a LEGO world map for young visitors to leave their mark on the world Olympic map.

See more images on our partner page


Live Company Group plc, the parent company of BRICKLIVE, is pleased to announce that a second permanent BRICKLIVE centre will open in China in the autumn. The Shanghai complex will be a joint venture with a new licensee, Wuhan Realjoy Children Park Management Co. Ltd – A Wu Han DDMC Culture Company Limited. This will follow the May opening of the first permanent BRICKLIVE centre in China located in the ski resort of Fulong Chongli, an Olympic venue for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. Within a year LVCG is expecting to have up to five centres and then to open five more each year after.

LVCG can also announce that it has secured a 5-year licensing deal with Cross Media Group of Seoul, South Korea, for the exclusive right to open and operate BRICKLIVE branded kids cafes in China. Five are expected to be launched in 2018, rising to 30 by the end of 2019 and 100 by the end of 2022.


The world famous Krunk bear took time out his busy schedule to make BRICKLIVE Christmas the next stop on his world tour and then took in some of the sights of the city. 

Click here to see more.

BRICKLIVE Brazil’s first show was a great success in Campinas, Brazil.
Producers: Exim Entertainment

Visit the official website


Q: How many people can you fit into a four day BRICKLIVE show at the NEC? 

A: Click here to find out (and watch a 360º video while you’re there).

Fans of fresh pizza, ancient Roman ruins and hours of BRICKLIVE fun were in for a treat when the BRICKLIVE EuroTour reached Naples in December 2017.

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BRICKLIVE partners have access to some incredible models and prior to their appearance at the Birmingham NEC show our Safari exhibits were seen in all together different surroundings as our intrepid reporter Mark Guest discovered.


The inaugural BRICKLIVE Basel officially opened on Friday 12th May alongside muba - the oldest fair in Switzerland.

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Crowds of LEGO fans flooded through the gates as the first BRICKLIVE event in Japan opened its doors. With millions of LEGO® bricks at visitors disposal, it was no surprise the brick pits were filled with smiling faces from start to finish.

Read more about our Japanese tour. 

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